Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Team USA Heading to France for World Championships

It's finally here - the world championships! These last few months have flown by, but Team USA is packing up and getting ready to head to St. Herblain for this weekend's competition. Follow the action at the event website: We'll also do our best to post some updates (as we know we've fallen down on the blogging job a little over the past few months - oops!).

Laura and Stefanie had a final sparring session before the trip. Don't worry - they kept it light and easy! The U.S. Team doesn't need any more injuries; we were sad to lose Jim from the roster due to a torn Achilles just a couple of weeks ago. But he's tough and will still make the trip to France, walking boot and all, to cheer on his teammates (and presumably enjoy the local cuisine as well!).

Bon voyage and bonne chance to all of the U.S. team members. See you in France!

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