Friday, September 28, 2012

Team USA: Success and New Friends at the World Championships

Wow, what an intense weekend! The Canne de Combat World Championship was such a great experience for Team USA - as you know, we were the first U.S. team ever participating in this event, and that made it even more exciting. There were more than 45 competitors from 10 different countries, so we got to see a tremendous range of styles and techniques. Team USA got to fight teams from France (of course)/Reunion, Germany, Madagascar, Slovenia, Italy, Great Britain, Hungary, Canada, and Korea.

Since you are probably wondering about the competition results, here's how the U.S. team fared individually:
  • Thomas Dardour - 5th place
  • Laura Zeafla - 6th place
  • Steve Savoie - 13th place
  • Stefanie Geaney - 17th place
We were pretty proud of our performance, especially as first-timers. The Team USA crew needs a shout out too - Jim Reiser was a great coach and coordinator throughout the event (and was never slowed down by that walking boot!). Dave Geaney was the unofficial Team USA photographer; he took a mountain of photographs which we plan to start posting this weekend, so stay tuned! Bill Despeaux helped keep us organized as the matches were posted (and changed, and then changed again) and provided plenty of cheering and moral support in the crowd.

The team is now making its way back home. Some team members decided to check out the sights -- and food and wine of course! -- in France after the competition. As we get unpacked and settled, we'll start posting some photographs, and also do a few more posts about the event itself.

Go Team USA!

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